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WebEx Web Conferencing Newbie

Good day everyone

I am a fresh graduate without any prior experience related to WebEx Web Conferencing. My task in my first job is to familiarize myself with the three kinds of WebEx Web Conferencing APIs, URL, XML and TSP. So far, I have been reading and trying to understand the APIs using the available documentation that can be found on this link: Cisco DevNet: WebEx Conferencing - Getting Started. I am having trouble understanding most of the content here since I have no experience related to WebEx. Where else can I find resources that are easier to understand compared to this? Preferably something visual like videos and infographics. And what other concepts do I need to know first before continuing to study WebEx? (ex. XML) Any suggestion/help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


Re: WebEx Web Conferencing Newbie

I think your best course of action is to start off setting up a WebEx sandbox and familiarizing your self with the products, without any experience actually using WebEx directly your going to struggle to understand and use the API's for it.

The URL API is a legacy WebEx API and functionality is very limited compared to the XML API, We urge developers to focus on the WebEx XML API as its capabilities are far more robust.. I would suggest you focus your efforts on the XML API and disregard the WebEx URL API.

The documentation for the API's is all on Cisco DevNet, the vast majority of it is textual documentation.. We do not have any visual media avilable for API Integration.

Best Regards,


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