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Cisco Cloud Web Security Product EOL/EOS question


Hi folks


Quick question, I hope someone can answer...


We've been handed over support for Cisco Cloud Web Security (formerly ScanSafe).  The appliance is EOS/EOL on 31/10/2019 according to this document:

However, we have support in place listed on the CWS portal until 18/02/2021.  According to the EOS/EOL Policy documentation below, it states that if there is active support in place, that it will provide support for the OS for 4 years and 2 years for App Sofware support, both taking us past 18/02/2021:

My main question is, once EOS/EOL is reached for this product (31/10/2019) and we have support still in place until 2021, will the product continue to function or will it simply stop working on the 31/10/2019?

If someone could answer this for me definitely within the community, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks folks!


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Karsten Iwen
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

One statement I heard was that the Scantowers are shut down at the end of the month. But I am not aware if this was just to put some pressure on the customer to migrate to Umbrella or if it will really be that hard. At least I was not aware that it was possible to buy licenses for CWS for that long time as you have support. But anyhow, CWS is more or less dead. Approach the CWS-team to migrate your license to an Umbrella license and migrate the functionality as fast as possible. That is what we did with CWS-licenses and now the customer runs Umbrella.

Thanks Karsten

Really appreciate your feedback.

Do you have a link to the 'statement' in relation to the below.  I just need a definitive answer on whether or not the CWS service will cease on 31/10/2019.



The only one for a definitive answer is probably the CWS-support. I would ask them (and at the same time start the migration to Umbrella).

Thanks Jennifer, that's just what I needed.


Thank you so much.

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