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Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client & Anyconnect Integration via FMC/FTD



Can we add the "OrgInfo.jason" for Cisco Umbrella Roaming client integration with Anyconnect using FMC/FTD ?


I found the below for ASA/ASDM:


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Client Profile.
  2. Choose Add.
  3. Give the profile a name.
  4. Choose the Umbrella Security Roaming Client type from the Profile Usage drop-down list. The OrgInfo.json file populates in the Profile Location field.
  5. Click Upload and browse to the location of the OrgInfo.json file that you downloaded from the dashboard.
  6. Associate it with the DfltGrpPolicy at the Group Policy drop-down list.


How can we perform it on FMC/FTD ?



Thanks :)




Did you happen to figure this out or is it not supported yet in FTD?

Yes I got to know that it's not supported by FTD.



Hi, is this still not supported? If I'm not mistaken the latest FMC configuration guide states only the remote access client is supported: .


Does anybody have an idea when this will be integrated into FTD/FMC?

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

It's still not supported as of the current FMC/FTD release 6.3


No mention of it was made during the public presentations at Cisco Live Europe last week.


I'd reach out to your Cisco Account Manager if it's an important feature for you or your customers. That raises the priority within Cisco.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

FTD only support VPN profiles at this time (i.e. as of FTD/FMC version 6.2.3).

Is there any specific document that suggest about FTD with AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client with Umbrella?

It's not supported. The configuration guide confirms it here:

The following AnyConnect features are not supported when connecting to an FTD secure gateway:

  • Secure Mobility, Network Access Management, and all other AnyConnect modules and their profiles beyond the core VPN capabilities and the VPN client profile.

What do you want to achieve? On ASA there's also no real integration with Umbrella. That shouldn't shop you from deploying Umbrella in an organization where FTD is also used.

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