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Hello,After applying the following configuration at the Cisco ISR-G2 router, the interfaces are still not coming up.And it seems that the ISR has no connectivity to the tower. Inside----Fa 0/0 ISR Fa 0/1--------- CWS Cloud ! Define the parameter map,...

Netmart by Beginner
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I came here expecting to see this subreddit lit up. Alas, nothing. Where is everyone? Misconfigured web firewall --> hacker gained IAM role --> found encryption keys --> decrypted data in S3 --> data extracted. Hacker posted breadcrumbs/trail on soci...

uzi15 by Beginner
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I have a user who needs a report of their web browsing traffic for the past 6 months and when I ran a report it appears that traffic was only being allowed from just over month ago and all logs prior to that show just blocked traffic.We know the user...

Hello!I would like to know what means that percentage in front of Total Requests, Total Blocks and Security Blocks.Is it based on the increase of these indicators from one day to another, or one week to another?Thanks

Has anyone seen a roadmap or ETA for a CDA patch to support Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller connections?  It appears there is a version check since the WMI namespace it is utilizing hasn't changed from server 2012R2.  Its just checking the secu...

lavazzzza by Beginner
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Have a scenario where customer wants to use a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) like Umbrella for all locations to access cloud applications (SaaS/PaaS) but want to whitelist what Internet IP addresses can access this cloud applications (whitelits).  Doe...

Resolved! OpenDNS ransomware

SpoilerHello everyone!I would like to know if OpenDNS can block command and control from a ransomware atack as Umbrella.Thanks!Hello everyone!I would like to know if OpenDNS can block command and control from a ransomware atack as Umbrella.Thanks!

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