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Peter Boerjesson

CWS number of clients

I have a site running a Cisco 881-sec-k9 with Cisco cloud security (it's also a hub for 8 site to site tunnels). The plan is for users connecting to the guest network to run through this connection. There's also a production network for the employees (they don't run through cloud security). There has never been any problem with the production network however the guest network have had a lot of problems. So my question is simply, is there any list showing how many recommended clients different types of hardware can handle when it comes to cloud security. Last time I checked there was about 110 clients on the guest network.

Thankful for any number that can be provided related to how many clients the hardware can handle. 




Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

The 800 series can support up to 120 guest users. What version of IOS are you running? The recommended version for CWS is 15.3(3)M4.

If you have any specific issues, please feel free to raise a TAC case to further investigate it.

Thanks for answering, might I ask where you found the number 120 guest users?

I am running 15.3(3)M3 at the moment, do you think M4 would make a big difference?

I have a TAC case running although that hasn't provided much results yet.

Furthermore I have removet "content-scan out" for a 24 hour period and all problems they had where gone so it's definitely related to the service or something with the hardware (not good enough).



Hi Peter,

Here is the URL for the 120 users (no authentication) for your reference:

(page 8 - Scaling).

It depends on how much other services are running on the router as well as how much memory you have on the router.

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