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Adding team members from a mailer

Carlos Rosas
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi there, I had a few questions regarding Teams and spaces in Cisco Spark. I'm creating a team/space and I'd like to add many members and I don't know if it's possible to add a mailer (containing all members that need to be involved) or if I need to add one by one of the people I need involved?

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You have options:

Another option:

Quickly pivot your conversations from legacy email to a more collaborative environment within Spark. The Email2Spark Bot will take all the participants in an email thread, and migrate the conversation to Spark!

A user interacts with the Email2Spark Bot through email, and then the Bot will take care of the rest! To use the Bot:


Find the email thread that you would like to move to a new Spark Room.


Reply-all to the email thread. In the BCC line, add "<>". Note: not all email clients show the BCC line by default. Make sure you are adding the Bot's email address in the BCC line.


That's it! In a few minutes, the Bot will receive your email message, create a Spark room with a copy of your email thread, and then leave the newly created Spark room.


All members of the original email thread will also receive an email confirmation with a link to the newly created Spark room.

Caution: This is a great way to invite a large group of external customers to join Spark as well, however make sure no email distribution lists (either internal to Cisco or customer mailers) are in the thread, which could cause a large volume of email to be distributed to the incorrect people.

Hey George,

This is great info! Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

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