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Hi Muhammed basheer,  If is

Hi Muhammed basheer,

  If is fine to have multiple domains. And it depends on how your users login to Jabber client, I'm assuming they use In this case, you need to make sure you have SRV record created and is resolvable to CUCM by Exp-C. The reason is, the URL constructed by Jabber uses the domain specified in the JabberID. From the logs you provided, I see that you login as the internal domain i.e. In this case, you need to update the in jabber-config.xml. Load this file on CUCM TFTP, register the client internally and then move the client outside, re-try it should work.

See snippet below




"Restart of TFTP needed"

You could also do this on jabber-config-user.xml on the client itself, this would not require you to login internally first to get the jabber-config.xml file from TFTP.





Thanks Aashish for support,  

Thanks Aashish for support,   Will check and let you know the updates



You guys are great! Thanks

You guys are great! Thanks again for all the answers!

Quick question about jabber-config.xml file: if plan is to implement MRA feature based on X8.1.1 and Jabber 8.7.2, do we need jabber-config.xml? If yes, can you give us some what issues it will solve. Let's say that plan is to use only basic phone calls and maybe URI dialing.


Hi Tenaro,   Jabber 8.7.2 is

Hi Tenaro,

   Jabber 8.7.2 is too old. I would suggest upgrading the clients to supported version which support MRA natively i.e.


Jabber for Windows 9.7

Jabber for iPhone/iPad 9.6.1

Jabber for Android 9.6

Jabber for MAC 9.6


Disadvantages of using older jabber clients

1. Tweaking of jabber-config.xml file needed, which means clients must either register inside the network and grab the jabber-config.xml file or update jabber-config-user.xml file at the client to support MRA.

2. TAC may ask for upgrade if there's an issue, as clients with native MRA support might fix that issue. Time to resolution would increase.


jabber-config.xml file is used whenever some customization is needed or some non-default behavior is required. There are certain restrictions on what all is supported when jabber connects over expressway, so make sure you checkout the jabber client specific documentation to discover the restrictions.



On EXP-C, under Configuration

On EXP-C, under Configuration -> Unified Communications -> Unified CM Servers I added only CUCM server I have in a lab but the Status says TCP: Failed as you can see from attachment. I'm sure I enter correct admin account (same one I use when logging into http://cucm/ccmadmin). Do I need to configure anything on CUCM side to fix the status?


TCP failed is most likely a

TCP failed is most likely a connectivity issue. Could you try pinging cucm from Exp-C ?

Maintenance --> Tools --> Network Utilities --> Ping


Also check the event status and see what reason does it give for failure

Status --> Logs --> Event Log


You may also want to check if AXL API Access role is assigned to the user you're using in Exp-C CUCM discovery.

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