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Does webex teams set badge count for unread in Windows 10 system tray?


According to this article:


The webex teams app on windows 10 does provide Badge Counter to show the number of unread. But it doesnot show for me in the system tray...


So am I have the wrong expectation OR that article is incorrect?


Using webex teams v3.0.14866.0 and Windows 10 Pro 1909 build 18363.657.

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The article never calls out the system tray, and if you notice, it says it's applicable to ALL flavors:

Operating System:Android,iOS,Mac,Web Browser,Windows Desktop


That bit you mention, does work for android devices, I run windows 10 as well, and I've never seen the message count in the system tray, only when you open the app (as shown in the article)



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Yes, the article did not say specifically the system tray. But that picture or icon it included is supposed to be in the system tray, assuming on windows 10, isnt it?

No it says "Webex Teams app icon on your device". This is for Webex teams running on a mobile device.
For Windows for it looks like
If you think its not clear provide feedback on how you would improve that statement in the article.

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Okey, so it is my wrong expectation then...


This is whats on my system.Capture.PNG


I guess if I opened webex teams and then close it (into the system tray), there wont be any badge count...

Ashish Patel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Not in the system tray (where the time etc sits) but I have notifications on for some spaces and set as per the article.
I see in the taskbar in Windows 10 the total Notifications next to the Webex Teams icon. Currently says 20 which matches with the 20 in Notifications Filter
I am running Version: 3.0.14878.0 and Windows 10.
Incidentally Jabber also has similar notification in the taskbar but never seen it in system tray afaik.

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