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Exclude information from UDS searches

Michel Tosu


I'm using Cisco UDS for Directory searches for my Jabber users. I have a LDAP directory for the syncronization and authentication of the users.


The reason for me using the UDS is that i want to be able to customize what information is presented to the users in their client. Right now the UDS are getting the mobile(cellphone) number from the users and showing it as an alternative when they press the call button in the Jabber client. The issue is that it is not possible to call the mobile number from the CUCM. Is it in any way possible to limit the different numbers that are imported to the UDS from LDAP or limit the search results in any way?


I can't find the settings.

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You only get to choose from which field to sync when you configure the LDAP agreement, we offer no way to modify the data we're importing. You can use filters to configure that those users are not synced, but it seems all you want is to not sync that field. Depending on the field, you may have no option to remove it, or map it to another field.

As for Jabber, you could try to change the mappings via the .xml config file so they look into a blank field.



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What I really want to avoid is the "mobileNumber" field as it is called in cucm UDS. Now it's showing as a dial option in the jabber client. The user gets to choose between phone, mobile phone and the email address when they try to call another user and they think it's a little bit confusing. I would really want to only show the email address because it is configured as the directory URI.


Any luck with this one?

I don't seem to be able to change the mappings for UDS in the .xml config file? Can you point me to the correct documentation if i should be able to do it because i can't find it.

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