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General Questions about Cisco Spark

Hi Everyone out there.

My name is Daniel Jackson and I work for a Cisco Gold Partner in Venezuela. As part as my resposabilities as Pre-Sales Collaboration Engineer I have to prepare a dcloud demo from time to time. Therefore, I decided to work around the "Cisco Spark Enablement Lab with Direct Inward Dialing v1" because this cloud-based solution took my attention from the very first time I realized the great flexibility it has.

the point is,  when I had already finished all the exercises on the lab and I was commited to prepare the power point slides, I found out that this service has't yet been released for LatinAmerican and the Caribbean. However, I talked to my supervisor and despite this constraint we decided to do the demo and deliver the presentation to the other partners.

Been said that:

1.- Is there any released plan for Latin America and the Caribbbean, specially Venezuela.

2.- I saw 6 types of levels for the NU Licenses (C1-C3 and M1-M3). How can I manage to upgrade/downgrade the level of license adquire for a particular user.

3.- Is an organization able to reutilize the license bought. I meant, What happens with the license used by an user after the user quit the organization? Is this license available for another user?

Looking forward to hearing from You soon.

Thanks in advanced.

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Level 7

Hi, Daniel,

Do you have access to the Cisco Partner Community? If so, then the best place to post your question for appropriate input and feedback would be in the Cisco Spark space in the Partner Community (your question has been posted in the public Cisco Spark space). You can find the partner community here:


Please let me know if you would like me to move your post to that space.

Hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities