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Importing Contacts in Webex Connect with Friendly Names

When creating an XML contact file to import into WebEx Connnect is there a tag that allows you specify the friendly name?

Something like:







Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank You


I've general question about the XML structure for importing contacts in Webex Connect 6.7.1

I can find only Import functionality, but no export option. And I haven't found any other description about this import structure.

A similar question was already raised in another article: "Is there a sample .xml file anywhere which identifies the appropriate tags/hierarchy?"

Hi Kurt,

I struggled a bit with this as well. I haven't found an export, but here is a sample of the xml I've used with success for importing:

"groupname" & "groupname2 would denote contact groupings in the contact list. If you only have one group, just list that.

User1 and denote the WEC users' email addresses.

On the plus side, you will receive a report on failures at the end of the import process.

Hope this helps.


Hope this helps --> to be honest, not really. I'm looking for the basis XML structure of this upload file.

Something like






Do you know these native tags and the structure of it? Can you provide a sample XML file?

br Kurt

what I sent you is the extent of what I have (and what I could get from WebEx support).

obviously, I'm not employed by WebEx, so I don't have access to all of their resources. if you need further assistance, I'd suggest opening a case with them via phone.

Basically though, their XML tag support is limited to what I provided.

good luck.


Thanks for your answer - understood. But it's quite strange that this end user interface and option is kept so secret. What is the intention of this interface if it's not described? I really don't like to do everything manully

br Kurt


I beleive this very same issue exists for Mocrosoft's "Communicator" and here is a good answer for that.  Have a read....


The friendly name is pulled from the server so you have to modify it there and then it will show up in the client.

Here is what I was able to do so that we have friendly names. I exported all my contacts from webex administrative interface and then modified the displayName field with the friendly names that i wanted to show up in the application. I then imported this back into the webex connect interface and it updated those accounts with that information. Slowly the names would show up with the correct firendly name.

So now we dont allow self registration and when we create a new user account we make sure that the display name is not the email address (default) and instead is the friendly name.

In addition to the other questions here is the format of the XML file that you can use to import users into the client:

<gname>THE GROUP NAME YOU WANT</gname>

Go to  Search for WBX44982.  That should bring up an article titled:  "How Do I Import a Contact List for Connect C6 or C7?"

Essentially, it reiterates what has already been posted.

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