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jabber disconnects a call after 15-18 mins

we have ccm 9.12 deployment with Jabber 9 client. users complaining of calls being dropped after 15-18 mins . Are there any timers that need to be adjusted for jabber ?  Internal and external calls same behaviour...  TIA...jag


Are you on wireless?  There shouldn't be any timers from a Jabber/CUCM perspective that would limit the call.  Is the call always to the PSTN or does it happen on the internal network as well?

I would suspect a wireless timeout or signaling packet loss.

hmm, not sure atm if its just wireless devices. They have identified some ipphone users  and mac users (assume they will be LAN connected). It's both PSTN and internal calls.

Do you experience trouble on deskphone calls?  This can be tricky to troubleshoot.  We need to get more information to narrow down the issue.  There aren't any timers that would limit the call (unless we're talking wireless).  I would spend time trying to figure out what is common with all of the calls having trouble.  See if you can reproduce it yourself.  Once you get the problem narrowed down it will become much easier to troubleshoot.

Nirmal Issac

Could you confirm if


a) this is a secure call (srtp) or non secure call?

b) Do all the users face the problem? Is the issue reproducible for all the calls?

c)Do all types of Jabber client faces the issue? (Windows/MAc/Mobile)

d) Whats the version of Jabber client, and also provide details about the components involved.


Also, could you share a PRT from the Jabber client along with the details of the call?




thanks for replies guys.

call is secure (srtp).

all users face problem.

still gathering info on type of clients affected - i.e. windows, wireless etc

will get jabber version details and whether we can upload a PRT to a public forum.

Thank you.


Please confirm with the users if it is actually a call drop - or one way audio issue after 15-18 mins.



Also, if you could make a test call in non-secure mode, that will confirm if the issue is specific with secure mode.


And yes, you can zip the file and upload to this thread.


We have a new installation of CCM 9.1.2 and Jabber clients 10.6.1 on Windows. When using CSF ("Use my computer for calls"), we experience the same issue. After 15 minutes, the audio stops working. That is the caller hears the callee but the later no longer hears the caller. The call doesn't drop though. Interestingly, the callee doesn't use Jabber just a 7945 VOIP phone.


Is there any update on this?


Hello all,


I meet this problem with my CUCM 9.1.2 and jabber 9.7, 10.5.2 and 10.6.

After PCAP traces with Cisco support, we see lost packet then a reset was sent and the call was cut.


This reset was sent by PaloAlto, it see packet with ID 37207:

"Digium Asterisk SIP Channel Driver" and tag it in "ALERT" after many packet like this, it cut this, upgrade tag to "VULNERABILTY" and send a reset.

After the firewall team change this rule, all calls are OK.


I am using the Cisco Jabber 12.0.1 and have the same issue!

Issue Detail
a) this is a secure call (srtp)
b) Some users face the problem not ALL
c) Types of Jabber client faces the issue?(Windows Jabber 12.0.1
d) Using the LAN, not Wireless
e) the call is always from Window Jabber Client to the PSTN and it happens on the internal network as well
f) CUBE is Cisco ISR 4321 router,no version information
Is there a tool to catch the packet?

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