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Jabber Installation Problems via SCCM



I have a problem with installing Cisco Jabber Version 14.0 with SCCM.

The Problem is that if I start Cisco Jabber, I can type in user@domain and after that, I cant an error like in the picture below. 

If Jabber is getting installed with SCCM, the path is normally in %appdata% of the user. -> doesnt work

If I install Jabber with Admin permissions via command line, the AppData Files are not in the enduser folder, they are in my admin AppData folder. This way it works as long as I log dont log off, because for this session the end user client has permissions in this folder. 

The installation with SCCM is done by a Tier 6 Service Account.

It feels like Jabber has with the enduser permissions not enough permissions to write something in the AppData folder. If I start Jabber with Admin permission, it works. 

How do I fix this...?

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Update: I got it. 

Sorry for the latest conversations about this problem. 

I've spend many hours of reading log files and I was really frustrated at the end. 

This was a very situational problem. The AD Team configured incorrect proxy settings via GPO.

I was able to identify this by looking at Wireshark to see if Jabber tries to register to the callmanager. 

It didnt. Jabber was communicating to a proxy in an other domain and failed at the end at the exchange of a few encrypted data packets with TLS 1.2. 

Then I checked the internet options on the end user client and saw that the client uses ONLY TLS 1.0 ... caused also by the same GPO. 

So I told them to correct the proxy settings and it worked fine. 

Maybe it helps someone although its very specific. 

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