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Jabber popup Notifications stay on screen until dismissed OR user types in reply area


In 2016 I had a request outstanding so that popup notifications would not always fade after a few seconds, but would stay visible until dismissed or a reply was typed. The current version has the feature allowing the notifications to stay on screen until dismissed (THANK YOU), however the notifications are difficult to dismiss and they don't dismiss automatically when typing a reply. 

It is really great that I no longer miss messages. (Thanks again!)

I would really appreciate it if the second part of the feature could be addressed, which is the automatic dismissal of the notifications from a conversation as soon as I type in the reply section of that conversation. Quite obviously, if typing a reply, I have seen all the messages above and no longer need the notification popup. 


As an aside, I did just mention that the popup messages are hard to dismiss. The little cross to dismiss them only reacts when clicking within a very few pixels of the center of the cross. This is a major frustration as I have to click several times before they disappear :-(. This wouldn't be an issue if they dismissed automatically when replying :-). One could consider adding another button to dismiss all... again - not necessary if they dismiss automatically when replying.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

This forum is not monitored by the product team, if you wish to submit a PER, you need to do via your SE/AM along with the business case.



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Thanks for letting me know that the product team don't look at this site. (What a pity). 

Unfortunately I don't know what or who an my SE / AM is. I am an end user in a company that is larger than 10k employees. The subtleties of how to get this information escalated to the right person for it to be formally conveyed to cisco is too mysterious. Wouldn't it be great if there was some way of escalating ideas for enhancement without a formal business request. 


Michael (SDBA)

After some guessing / googling. 

PER = Product Enhancement Request

SE = System Engineer

AM = Account Manager



SDBA = Slowed down by acronyms ;-)

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