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Jabber: Tweak SIP Timers for loose Networks

Hey Folk..


This is Juan,


Hey I have an issue with a client that is from connected form VPN, when he receives a call, somethings the call disconnects. I have taken look at the Wireshar and CUCM Logs.


CUCM says: "Device not Registered" and then sends a "BYE" followed to un-registration Signal.

 In Wireshark, there are REGISTER packets from Jabber to CUCM and CUCM needs to acknowledge with a 200 OK. those packets are send every 115 Secs.


When CUCM detects "Device Unregistered" it is because Wireshark has already lost a couple of those timers. (I am assuming they are connected).


Wanted to ask you these question.

* Which parameters in the SIP Profile should I change in order for the device to Keep registrated for a longer time (or even not to be restrictive at looking SIP: Registar).


I have tried to use the "SIP profile for mobility" That does not work, Jabber do not connects to CUCM, so I had to use the "Default SIP Profile".


Thank you very much for you help.


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