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JVDI / Linux / Jabber no connection


I can connect to the Citrix gateway via VPN from my Linux computer at home. This works without errors.
But I can't get my Plantronics Savi 7xx headset connected to Jabber.
If I work directly on the company thin client, I see a message in Jabber that there is no VDI client (here the headset is connected directly to the Cisco phone at the workplace).

If I am connected from home, I do not see this message. So I assume that the VDI client is then connected correctly.
But I do not see my headset.

For testing I have installed a Windows 10 in a virtual machine on the same computer at home and from there I see the headphone in Jabber.

The question now is how can I find out why I don't see the headphone when connected from Linux?
What can I do?

Our administrators can not help me so far

The headset works on the Linux system without any problems. I can record sound with it and listen to it. So the hardware works so far.


On my local computer is installed: Cisco_JVDI_Client_Thinpro_and_Ubuntu-x86_64-12.8.0

At work: Jabber 12.8.0


I have completely reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. According to the requirements, this version is supported [0].
Then I installed the ICA Client (icaclient_20.10.0.6_amd64.deb) and tested the connection via the Citrix XenAppWeb. This worked.
As expected, I then get a message in Jabber that there is no VDI.

Then I installed the JVDI client (cisco_jvdi_client-
Connected again and the message in Jabber does not appear anymore.

Ok, so far the status as before.

After looking at the source packages (.deb), I was able to understand at least somewhat how the software is supposed to work.
I found out in the meantime that the vxc service is not started automatically.
If I start it manually (systemctl start vxc.service) , I see messages in /var/log/cisco.
Among others this error message:
vxc: error while loading shared libraries:
I was able to fix this by manually installing the corresponding lib.

In the file /var/log/cisco/vxc_ui.log you can see that the Plantronics headset is also recognized correctly. However, there are several other strange error messages.
Among others in the /var/log/cisco/vxc.log:
"X Server is not alive, exiting."
It seems that things are still going wrong here.

Now I have no more idea :- (

Here is the connection status of Jabber:



[0] Deployment and Installation Guide for Cisco Jabber Softphone for VDI Release 12.8


Did you ever resolve this?  I have a similar problem.  For me, the JVDI deb package status is "Install ok half-configured".

The Cisco docs reference an msi under the Ubuntu section!?!?

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