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Unable to open .wrf file with WebEX player

I cannot play the .wrf file with the WebEX player with the following message prompted:

"WebEX Player cannot open a file of this type"

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Please refer here for more information about downloading and viewing a .wrf file in WebEx.

I hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

I'm getting the same error when trying to play a recording that was not saved to the cloud, rather saved to the computer.  How can the WebEx player not open and play it's own proprietary file format?

I'm having the same exact issue with a WRF file downloaded from our Webex site itself. As stated by Jeremy, it's just sad that Webex player cannot open it's own proprietary file format.

Is there a workaround or anything that can be done when encontering this error?

Hi Luis,

what is your WebEx Player version?

Best regards.

Marcelo Morais


I have this problem with an ".wrf" file and the current Webex Player and Webex Editor (T31 / WBS31 / Version

Whenever I try to open the file with Webex Player, it says: "WebEx Player cannot open a file of this type.".

I have been waiting for a resolution / workaround by Cisco but it seems they aren't paying attention to this issue! :-(

So, after much research and several experiments, I managed to find a workaround.

I found a way to convert the .wrf file to .wmv and then open it with Windows Media Player.

The converted file is not perfect in video (I believe some frames are missing) but the audio is fine and it is what I needed (to review the web meeting notes).

The workaround:

- download the utility WRF2WMV Converter, which you can find in this Cisco webpage:

- Install and use that utility to convert the WRF file to a WMV file

Hope it works for you guys!


the latest version is ... try this one: WebEx Player.

Hope this helps,

Marcelo Morais

I have the same Problem.


For the last 3 years this worked quite ok.

But since the last months, the local saved WRF files are not playable. Only the "server" based - savings are playable.


Tests All actual Versions 31.xx &


Also the converting ist very bad programmed.


To make a perfect MP4 file out of the wrf file, i "capture video & sound" from my 4th screen, while working on the other 3.


I can not recommend such a software, because of this behavior.


I use WebEx all day and it works fine, but not the "saving/recording". I do this often with other software, because of the recording failures from the webex tool.


Kind regards


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