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Using/Splitting 2 VTC Systems


I have a conference room with two separate point to pint  VTC systems: One utilizes an SX-20 and the other a C40. The have to operated separately but must be connected to the same multiple display monitors. What lower cost device would be able to handle this?

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Enrico Conedera
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is more of an audio visual question.  Are you using the SX20 and the C40 at the same time? 

If you are not using them at the same time, then you need a simple 2X2 matrix switcher so that you can route the video signals from the SX20 to both screens, and then on demand, instead route the video signals from the C40 to both screens.

We never recommend consumer-grade equipment for this.  You should look at Extron or Kramer.

The question is how the users will operate this system. Pro quality HDMI switches have gotten cheaper atlona and kramer are making some nice stuff. The question is how will control the system, control processors and programming are still a bit pricey. Barco's overture product looks like it might be an interesting option to look in to.

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