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Video Conference with 3 participants using Jabber for iPad

Hello Community,

Does Cisco Unified Call Manager version support Video Conference between Jabber for iPads for more than 2 participants (lets say video with 3 Jabber on iPads)?

Many thanks in advance for your replies.



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Hello Team,

I have found the answer:

To have more than 2 participants in a video call then, you need to have an Video MCU or a Router with PVDMv3 DSPs. On the latter you have to associate video conferencing  resources and have these defined on the MRGL

Will check it!


Interesting.  Do you happen to have a link with that information?

Much appreciated!

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Level 1

I work for and I thought this might be useful, we currently provide a free  public facing adhoc mcu accessible from anywhere in the world and at any time to allow users toc ceate 25 minute conferences/virtual meeting rooms that can hold upto 3 video participants. More details are available on our website

You can also register your h323 or sip endpoint/client to our gatekeeper for free for 6 weeks and £9.99 per month per endpoint afterwards. What do you get in return?

All H323 endpoints will be allocated a E164 number and h323ID, whilst Sip endpoints will be provided a sip uri. This will make it easier and simpler for users to make and recieve calls. 

All endpoints will be able to recieve isdn calls (UK DIAL IN AND USA PENDING) and also dial directly into the free adhoc mcu.

All endpoints will be provided with a bespoke corporate phonebook which can be easily edited.

Plus many other features.

If you have any questions or would like further information please feel free to contact me at or via pm.