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WebEx on Mac and Voyager Legend UC Compatibility

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Hi All,

I am trying to use the Voyager Legend UC with WebEx on Prem on my Macbook Air 2013 running OS X 10.9.1.

The microphone works ok, but no sound is heard. This is both via the BT300 and the inbuilt bluetooth adapter.

Spokes for Mac is installed.  Skype works fine.

WebEx works using the standard speakers / headphones, but doens't seem to want to play via the Voyager. 

Anyone know if this is a known problem or have I not configured my mac correctly?


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I've found with other tools, like Google Hangouts, that if I switch back and forth between audio output/input sources, that the headset will start to work. This technique didn't help with WebEx.

Having accidently played around with this a bit more this morning, it appears that if I do not select the Voyager as microphone, I can hear the WebEx Audio.  The minute I do select Voyager to be both input and output, then the output stops working.....

Apparently, the BT300 adapter is required for reliable VOIP performance, in general. Here's what I was told by Plantronics support:

The BT300 USB adapter is required, it provided the seamlessly audio bridge between the Headset and you OS X for use with VoiP client.

I've ordered the BT300 and will report back later this week on results.

I'm a little annoyed with how difficult it was to find out once and for all that the BT300 was required for this use case. Once it's all working, however, I know I'll be happy. The Voyager Legend is a great unit, and I hate wires.

Not wanting to disappoint, but even with the Bt300 USB adapter it doesn't work for WebEx....

I've tried it both with and nativily, both with no luck.

I tried to reply with a detailed post on my results (which were successful) but for some reason my message was disallowed. Great support experience so far :-\

Any chance you could try again?;-)  Keen to know how you got it to work !

Thanks in advance

Chirs: I'm trying again with most of the text of my attempt from the other day.

So I got my BT300 and I think it's going to be OK. There are some quirks.

  • I did go into Sound preferences and make the BT300 the default input/output device
  • I typically use a bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and trackpad when I'm in the office. I had paired the Voyager Legend with my Macbook Pro too. With the BT300, I went into BT preferences and removed the pairing so that the VL isn't trying to connect with both the BT300 and the Mac.
  • In Google Hangouts, I found that I had to tap the Call button to activate it for the session -- the BT300 would then start flashing. Until I did that, no sound in or out. I found I did not have to set audio prefs in Hangout settings for the session.
  • In WebEx, testing audio for an online meeting failed until I tapped the Call button, then it worked fine.
  • I was able to use the same technique to get Cisco Jabber to work, as well.

Good luck

Thanks for this post. I was able to get my headset working by using the BT300 for both input and mic, while removing the native BT pairing to macbook. THis was a huge headache for me, so thank you!!

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