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WebEx Site Public IP & Meeting Pulic IP

Shams Rishad

I have WebEx Named Users subscription. My domain is (provisioned about 10 days ago), which resolves to the public IP address and I have not seen it change to another IP address.


When I start a meeting from a CMR Cloud enabled host, I get a video address in the invitation to join the meeting, it's in the format <meeting number>, and I also get an public IP in the invitation to dial into and enter the meeting number and join the meeting. This IP adderss is, and I haven't seen this IP of invitation mail change either. I'm confused as to which one refers to which.


When I've explored a little, I found an article that others gave me (, and it has a whole range of IPs reserved for WebEx for different regions. I'm from Asia Pacific region, and the reserved IP ranges are:


  • (CIDR) or - (net range)
  • (CIDR) or - (net range)
  • (CIDR) or - (net range)

Which makes, sense, as my WebEx site IP address falls in the first range, and my meeting public IP falls in the second range.


My question is, are my two IPs static? or they may change over time? I haven't seen these change since the beginning, but then again I'm just using these for the last 10 days or so.




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Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Pretty sure your site IP address is not static. As Webex uses a distributed architecture with geographically redundant datacenters it can happen that this IP address changes.


I'll let others comment on the IP dialing "staticness" 

Thanks. Let's see what others have to say...
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