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Why I can no longer communicate with some contacts?


I'm using the guest edition of Connect and just recently, started experiencing problems contacting some co-workers. I noticed that all of them have the same domain in their email address. The error message I'm receiving is the following:

"Unable to deliver your text sent to remote user. Remote enterprise user is unable to receive your message at this time. Please try again later."

I appreciate any clue or guidance on this.

Many thanks


Hi Jesus,

I get the same message that I believe you are getting (see below).  I get this message sporadically so I'm not sure why or if there is a fix.  Did you get any resolution to this?

Unable to deliver your text sent to remote  user. Remote enterprise user is unable to receive your message at this time.  Please try again later.

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately, I still don't have an answer to this issue. I'm using the free WebEx Connect edition so practically, these forums are my only source for support :-( . Let's cross our fingers and see if we get lucky and obtain a response soon...

Jaime Garcia

Hi guys,

I get this all the time as well, I opened a ticket and was told to delete and re-add my contacts.

This really didn't help, and my issue seems to be sporadic. I can't isolate it down enough to troubleshoot, but I know that other webex connect domains ( and internally work fine. It only happens with external (federated) accounts such as gmail.

I'm guessing it is just a generic error and it's just the xmpp gateway can't talk to the third party gateway.

I will keep trying to isolate it and see if I can come up with a solution.

Bob James

Sorry my error message is slightly different:

This contact cannot communicate with you now. Try again later.

Even though I see their presence.



Although this problem should no longer be occuring I just wanted to shed some light on the issue that was occuring.  We had the same issue and contacted support and after a couple hours of troubleshooting the issue was escalated to their engineering team. Turns out the issue was on AOL's side and how they were handling the XMPP IM's  as other XMPP client like gTalk was working with Conect just fine. Well after 1 month!!!! AOL was able to correct there system and the problem has not appered since.

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