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Danny Meyer

Windows client - Failed to decrypt message Error


I have a few installations, either Win 7 pro or Win 8.1, that are not working properly.

The error in many rooms and conversations, when started: Failed to decrypt message

On other machines it works well. I have no clue what component might be different.

Any idea what that can be?



Between both computers (one is now working well and another is working well) are using the same proxy or gateway?

I have a desktop using proxy and is not working well (Win7) and I also have an laptop with the same OS (Win7) but uses different proxy and it works well. I think it's depends of proxy and firewall that gets from IExplorer.

I would like to get access of the Network Configuracion in the Project Squared th change proxy.


I am getting the same issue...

I have added a colleague to a room and all messages show "Failed to decrypt message".

Is there a recommendation on what we should do here?

I gave up.... Not too much help here.

Use the web version, it helped for me.

Maybe the next client version that is announced will be better.


Hello Danny,

Is the issue still happening for you on the Windows client, and if so have to submitted feedback form within the client?

In the top left corner click on your name and then Send Feedback if it's still happening with the latest version.

At this time Cisco Spark does not support web proxies.  Cisco Spark | Web Proxy Support

Thank you for your feedback,

+1 on this error and I'm not using a proxy.  Mobile clients work well but Window's client has the decrypt error.

I'm getting this error message.

Chris, James,

What version of the Windows Client are you using?

Also, if you have not done so already, please submit a feedback report.  Click on the name in the top left and then Send Feedback.


I sent in feedback.

Attempted to start a call with a coworker, text chat in my client shows the below decypt issues. It still shows this now (24 hours later). This is only with the windows client. The web client works fine.

Tests trying to do a video call, I could see myself but the call failed seconds later. I never saw the other party and they never saw me.

Windows 7 PC 32 bit

Lenovo T530 laptop (good working order with other web conference apps)

Spark version just downloaded

Example chat:

4/7/15 12:55 PM PST

              You  ·  Tuesday 1:05 PM

Failed to decrypt message.

Failed to decrypt message.

               jess_useremail  ·  Tuesday 1:05 PM

Failed to decrypt message.


Is there a web content filter in place?  Different machines/users could have different policies applied.

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