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Advanced settings in API

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Created by: Stephanie Gagnon on 30-04-2010 05:41:21 PM

I'm trying to set some advanced settings by using API. Let me explaned you want I try to do.

First i copying an Conference template into a new conference. At this point almost everything goes good and a lot of information are transfert into the new one. BUT the fact is that the avanced settings seem not to be entirely copied AND some of participants does not to.

So, does anyone know how it's possible to keep all the same configuration between the template and the new conference? Because the missing information (specially buffer setup and participants) are really important in this operation.




BookingService.Conference _conference = _conferenceBase;
_conference.ConferenceId = -1;   

_conference.StartTimeUTC = Convert.ToDateTime(_row["Sdate"].ToString()).AddHours(+4).ToString() + "Z";
_conference.EndTimeUTC = Convert.ToDateTime(_row["Edate"].ToString()).AddHours(+4).ToString() + "Z";
_conference.OwnerEmailAddress = _row["user"].ToString();
_conference.OwnerId = Convert.ToInt32(_row["demandeurid"]);
_conference.Title =_row["year"].ToString() + " - " + _row["titre"].ToString();
_conference.UserMessageText = _row["comment"].ToString();

_conference = _bookingService.SaveConference(_conference);


Subject: RE: Advanced setting in API
Replied by: Steve kapinos on 06-05-2010 10:00:35 PM
I'm not quite following you.

You can't copy conferences or use templates from the TMS Booking API.

Are you trying to control what the default settings for a new conference are?  Those are controled via the TMS Web interface under Administrative Tools.  You can't do things like add participants, advanced settings, etc as part of the default conference settings in TMS.

From the web, conference templates can be used for such things, but conference templates are not used with the API.

Subject: RE: Advanced setting in API
Replied by: Stephanie Gagnon on 07-05-2010 05:48:55 PM

The most important for us is to create an conference by using the API. If we cannot using a template or copying a conference, it's correct for us but we absolutly want to assign some specifics advanced settings.

The problem that we have is that the API seems not offering all of these parameters. By exemple, the setup buffer is not available. At the sight of this non accessibility, we tried to set this property in the default setting of Admnistrative tools section, when we create a conference, it's not assigned. I mean the value is still 0.

So, there is the specifications that we need to pass through the API. Plus, I sent you 3 differents screen shots of what we want to pass with the API.

  - 3 codecs,
  - 1 MCU,
  - 1 TCS,
   - Setup buffer : 30 minutes,
   - Billing code,
   - Recording.

Hoping that is more "understandable" this way,


I realize this is late reply but couldn't you "copy" a conference by using get conference and then assigning a conferenceId of -1 to instantiate a new instance?

In addition to specifying the conference info you also need to add the Participants to the confernece.

Look at _conference.Participants which is an array of Participants to add.

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