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SQL for Last Known IP

Hi, I am trying to write a SQL query for the device name, last active, and last known IP address. However, IP address is not showing. The phones do show their IP addresses in CUCM. What can I do to fix this? 


WXCC Extract values from Live Chat form.

I am having issues getting the returned values from a live chat form. I see the values being returned in the debug logs but I cannot figure out how to extract them. I have tried the evaluate node and using the inappmessaging.formFields.Email variable...

zjwalsh by Beginner
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Issue with finesse SSO - CORS

Hello, We have our own web app and we try to get the SSO token from the finesse. Our finesse is linked to Azure (IDP). The current steps we are doing: 1. We use the azure-activedirectory-library-for-js and use the AuthenticationContext with all the c...

Resolved! Having trouble adding endpoint data to a new gateway I created.

I have a script designed to extract endpoint information from a port on a VG350 gateway named "vg777." My objective is to take this extracted data and upload it to another VG350 gateway named "vg350," which I've created for this purpose.When I utiliz...

dhoskins by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM - Add SNMP community string via API

My Google-foo is failing me. I am looking for a way to add SNMP community strings to CUCM (versions 10.5 and 12.5) via an API. This is to support a multiple cluster CER deployment, so I want to automate it avoid missing and of the 24 source IP's invo...

Plugin to call from browser

Hi Actually we are working CRM and we want to ingerate our cucm as communication  feature from browser, or api that will let customer call from website through plugin they click and redirect them to our central If so what are the requirements for thi...

Speech to text transcripts for ucce finesse

Hi,We have developed a third-party Call Control Handler that functions similarly to finesse desktop. This application works independently and uses finesse APIs to manage calls and respond to finesse events.Currently, after a call ends, agents have to...

Apache Reverse Proxy for Finesse

I was wondering if i someone can help me with a small issue i am facing i am trying to use Apache Reverse proxy for Finesse on UCCX ---> problem i am getting is that the main page of finesse loads wh...

CCX Script for web redirect

Looking for a way to script the scenario:Customer calls to agent. IVR prompts for user's employeenumber.[script here]Agent keeps web browser open at, which refreshes automatically based on []We currently already have a w...

House Cat by Beginner
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XMPP - Node not found on agent ID

Hi,I am trying to connect to the Notification service using a TCP connection and subscribe to the node /finesse/api/User/{id} using Smack. The connection is successful, but I can't subscribe to the node because the node is not found.Error: Exception ...

Resolved! What programming Languages to learn

I want to further my knowledge of Unified comms, and I figure to help me further, I would need to learn some programming, however I have no idea which language to start with. From what I have been researching it appears that C++ or Java or both, is t...

pcromwell by Participant
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