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API Versioning

This document was generated from CDN thread

Created by: Andrew Brindamour on 28-02-2011 08:00:07 PM
What are the plans for versioning the API?

Subject: RE: API Versioning
Replied by: John Yontz on 28-02-2011 08:15:35 PM
In general, CTX will conform to Cisco policy of supporting up to two major releases backwards.
Our versioning scheme will be invocation context-based.  That is, we will include the version number in the URL path for subsequent versions.  For example, the initial version of the CDR API will be located at a URL that looks like this:
Our next version will be located at a path something like this:
In this example, if CTX is currently at version 2.0, a client designed to work with the initial version can continue to use the first URL path above.  CTX will be able to differentiate these down-rev requests and respond in a backward compatible way.
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