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Call Interruption avoidance

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Created by: Fabien Damien on 15-06-2009 08:59:26 AM
as you all know when a voice element encounters an error such as error.badfetch or if the wav file is corrupted the call flow is interrupted. Is there any mean by which we can avoid this anomality?
a hotlink would be suitable in this case, to point to the next element when a baderror.fetch is thrown for instance.
the disadvantage of this method however is that you can you use it once in the call flow, or there will be overlapping between
the hotlink elements.
Does anyone have a solution for this problem meaning to avoid interruption when an audio file is corrupted or unvailable?
Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Call Interruption avoidance
Replied by: Janine Graves on 15-06-2009 11:56:10 PM
If you add this command to the voicexml gateway configuration then it won't report error.badfetch to your application when audio is missing. the command is  'vxml version 2.0' (omit the quotes).

Subject: RE: Call Interruption avoidance
Replied by: Fabien Damien on 16-06-2009 07:34:20 PM
Thanks Janine that was very helpful, i was wondering if you are a Cisco employee hmmm
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