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ClassCastException retrieving bean from session

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Created by: Pietro Angelo Corrao on 06-09-2013 01:16:55 PM
Hi all,

We are experiencing a strange class cast exception retrieving custom bean from the session in some specific kind of custom elements like DecisionElementBase.doDecision and ActionElementBase.doAction but we don't have the same exception implementing ActionConfigInterface and the getConfig method, please find below a detailed scenario.

our IVR flow depends on the communication with several webServicesw that step by step return informations that we use to dynamically manage the flow, to manage all the ws' information we implemented a complex bean of bean that we save in the IVR session but when we try to retrieve such bean from the session into the custom elements upon described and we cast the object to its original type we get the following exception:
  • CallSessionDataBean cannot be cast to CallSessionDataBean
It happens also if we try to manage in sessione other kind of more simple bean, anyone have experienced and maybe solved the same problem?


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