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Client Proxy Files

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Created by: John Yontz on 01-03-2011 06:33:20 PM
What is the best way for a Java developer to generate client proxy files from the WSDL?

Subject: RE: Client Proxy Files
Replied by: Kulai Bhandary on 02-03-2011 08:15:44 PM
There are several options to generate the client proxy files from the WSDL.

One option is to use a web service stack like JBossWS. These contain command line tools like wconsume that "consumes" the WSDL and produces the necessary client artifacts. These artifacts can then be imported in to your projects.

The Eclipse IDE provides a wizard that will create the java proxy files for you. To access the wizard follow these steps:

1) select the project in the Project Explorer
2) Right click to bring up the context menu
3) Select New->Other from the menu
4) In the 'Select a wizard' dialog click on Web Services
5) Select Web Service Client and click on Next
6) In the next dialog enter the location of the WSDL for Service Definition
7) Click on Next
8) Select the Output Folder
9) Click on Define custom mapping for namespace to package if necessary
10) Click on Finish

The wizard will generate the client proxy files ready to use in your project.
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