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CTIOS side A shows Error__NetName_Deleted

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Created by: Sandeep Basant Karan on 02-03-2010 06:09:58 PM
Hi All,
We have a quite stable solution running for for last 3 years, today suddenly Agents reported flip in Agent states for almost every agent. Like Not ready to Ready, or Wrap up to Ready.
After checking on the PG server only side A shows
Attempting to resolve hostname of XXX-AGTPGB-1  and Failed heart beat retry attempts closing all connections. Also seen Error__NetName_Deleted .
Foolowing error popuped in event Viwer of Side A
Client:CTIOSServer Object:hq-agtpga-1 Error Event Report: CTIOS Server "fal-agtpgb-1": Communication with CTIOS Server: "hq-agtpga-1" has failed.
Where as Side B does not show any error.
When we tried resolving the host name on side A PG server by teleneting/dnslookup or by checking Netstats,  we found that CG POrt and Listening port (42027 & 43028) are open and connection is establised for Side B. 
Could you please let us know what could have caused this error? We have ICM 7.0 SR 4 and CCM 4.1 and CTIOS 7.0.
Best regards,

Subject: RE: New Message from Sandeep Basant Karan in Computer Telephony Integration
Replied by: David Lender on 02-03-2010 07:32:58 PM
This seems to be a CTIOS Server issue that the Cisco TAC should assist
with.  You may wish to open a Service Request.
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