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Decision Editor Bug

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Created by: Janine Graves on 30-11-2006 04:30:54 AM

Studio 5 at UHG - when we use the graphical Decision Editor to create a conditional expression that tests Existence of an element data variable, we get a very weird thing happening.

We create the decision using the decision editor for the following pseudocode:

if {Element.Data.db_price.price} EXISTS then go down exit state 'exists'
else go down exit state 'else'

Later, if we go back into the Decision Editor for this element, it has changed the 'EXISTS' to 'FALSE' -- this happened to every student in class.

Any ideas (other than coding it as an XML Decision)???

Thanks, Janine

Subject: RE: Decision Editor Bug
Replied by: Michael Bochynski on 30-11-2006 02:40:29 PM

We were not able to replicate this issue. Which version of Studio do your students have? In our tests we used Studio 5.1.3. Note that we have fixed small bugs in the software with maintenance releases of Studio.

Could you also provide a screenshot illustrating this behavior? If you could provide the content of the XML decision, it would be helpful as well.


Subject: RE: Decision Editor Bug
Replied by: Janine Graves on 01-12-2006 03:14:06 AM
I'm attaching a screenshot. The first shot in the document is the code I entered right before hitting "OK".

The second screen shot is what it displays when I then re-open the decision editor.

We're using Studio 5.0

Subject: RE: Decision Editor Bug
Replied by: Vance Vagell on 06-12-2006 09:21:09 PM
Hi Janine,

Thank you for the additional information about which version this occurred on. We were able to replicate this issue by using Audium Studio 5.0.0. However, the issue did not occur in our attempts to replicate it on 5.0.3.

While we recommend to all Audium software users that they upgrade to the latest versions (5.1.3 in this case), if you need to stay in the 5.0.x line then please minimally upgrade to 5.0.3 to resolve this issue.

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