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eclipse query re importing apps

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Created by: null on 07-02-2005 06:35:14 PM
Posting for Strafford,

If I create a new project, this causes project to appear in the c:
\cisco\cvp\studio\eclipse\workspace. OK.
I can import "an existing project into workspace" - project appears there
in eclipse navigator pane, but is still physically located in it's source
I can import "file system" and navigate to (eg) tutorial app directories,
but eclipse wants to import into an existing project.
If I use File Exporer to copy directories to c:
\cisco\cvp\studio\eclipse\workspace, they don't appear in navigator.

How can I get existing projects in another dir to be in c:
Should I bother anyway?

Subject: RE: eclipse query re importing apps
Replied by: null on 07-02-2005 06:37:29 PM
Yes, its a bit confusing at first. When you import a projhect, it will keep the files in the original location, it will not copy the files into the workspace folder.

You were on the right track. What I do is copy the project into the workspace folder using Windows Explorer so that they are there, then run Studio and do an inport. Since they are already in the workspace it works out fine that way.
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