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Getting original digits dialed by user ,

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Created by: Sameer Abu Asal on 30-11-2008 03:13:15 PM
Greets ,

i am using TAPI to monitor IP phones on my AVVID network so that i can use the data to log the destinations and numbers that system users call.

i also use the numbers i obtain to get the route pattern that the number matched (so that i can do some kind of billing) , but my problem is when the number matches a route pattern the number that reaches TAPI is affected with the Discard Digits option in the route pattern , for example

User dials 67272
matches RP 6.xxxx with Discard Digits set to "predot"
TAPI receives 7272

is there some kind of way to get the whole number, or at least to get the route pattern that the number matched in TAPI??

Thank you .
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