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How to explain XML decision booleans (check_existence, value)

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Created by: null on 28-09-2004 06:35:28 AM
Is the XML decision boolean performing two separate and different functions:
1. determining whether a variable exists, [b:d0983a05a7]OR[/b:d0983a05a7]
2. determining if a variable evaluates to "true" or "false"?

Does "existence" refer to whether, for example, an element variable exists - ie, the element which creates that variable has been visited?

Would <call_data type=ani> always exist?

What are some examples of a variable being evaluated to "true" and "false"?


Subject: RE: How to explain XML decision booleans (check_existence, value)
Replied by: null on 28-09-2004 09:44:49 PM
The XML decision boolean tag is used to determine if either something exists or if it is equal to true or false, it does not do both at the same time.

So yes, existence means whether the variable exists, so if you referred to a valid element but gave an element data name that it did not use, it would not exist. Also, if you referred to an element that was either not in the callflow or was not visited by the caller, that would also mean the element data does not exist.

Yes, ANI would always exist because the Audium Server, if it is not sent, saves it as "NA".

No Audium element at this point stores variables as true or false (the YesNoMenu element, for example, stores values as "yes" or "no"), so an example would be a generic action element that stores the result of a database query into a variable as true or false. This is not very often used. You will most likely check to see if a variable exists or is equal to something.

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