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How to get a Developer contract with Cisco?

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Created by: Antonio Sedano on 16-04-2013 01:44:45 AM
We are upgrading from Wave driver to Media driver and we are having troubles. We had a developer contract  two years ago, but in some moment the contract and licences changed and we could not renew our developer contract.
Unfortunaly, our Cisco Account Manager is not very clever, and he tells us that we have exactly to tell him the kind of contract or licence that we want, because of he is not a technical and he does not know what does each contract or licences.
Please, if some one knows the exactly name of the developer contract or license for a CUCM 8.5, please tell me. 
Thanks in advanced.

Subject: RE: How to get a Developer contract with Cisco?
Replied by: Antonio Sedano on 17-05-2013 06:22:54 AM
Finally, and after severals weeks, we are going to have our CDN contract with cisco. At the end, our Account Manager discovered that this kind of contract has to be done directly between the client and Cisco, without the account manager in the middle. I apologize to my Cisco Account manager because the problem has been in Cisco, and thanks to then we are going to have the developer contract.
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