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How to Refresh IIS server Cache


Subject: RE: How to Refresh IIS server Cache
Replied by: Gerard O'Rourke on 18-09-2013 03:13:08 AM

This is simple for fix.
You DON:T need to mess around with the VXML Gateway config.

1) Set HTTP Expires Response Header on the IIS server to 15 minites (or 5 min if you perfer)
2) When updating a wav file make sure its modified date is LATER than the previous one.
3) The loggest it will take for the new wav files to be used will be the IIS HTTP Expires Response Header.

If you need to replace back to an old wav file, change its modied date using any of the free program availble (do a google search), so its modified date is later than existing one.

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Created by: Malik Ehtasham on 18-09-2013 03:01:44 AM
Hello Every one,
I have an application which uses some prompts. I am using IIS server for the prompts. Its working fine.
The problem is when i change some prompt and replace it in the IIS server but i whe n call my application , still the previous prompt is playing while i have replaced it with the new one.  I think the old prompt is not removed from the cachce. How can i refresh the cache perodically so that every time it gets a new updated file from the server.
I am waiting for your kind replys.
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