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IDLE URL - refresh

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Created by: Michal Kaska on 21-03-2012 05:29:25 AM
I am creating just small application as idle screen, which shows some information from RSS feeds. The IDLE URL, after idle timeout correctly starts and show all information, i have programmed. But when I press the update button, I got the meesage HTTP errot 404.
I traced the HTTP communiaction between phone and web server, and have seen, that when the Idle URL starts automaticallyforst, it usses URL with DNS address which is configured in CUCM phone settings. But when I press update, the phone resolve the configured web server DNS address into IP address and senf HHTP get with IP address in URL. This should not work, as code is located in subdirectory on web server.
Can anybody help me, how to avoid such behavior and let IPPhone use only DNS in URL while updating the IDLE screen and not IPaddress?

Subject: RE: IDLE URL - refresh
Replied by: Madi jahoura on 22-03-2012 02:32:39 PM
what did you use to trace? Wireshark?

share the traces and I will try to help.
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