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Install/admin speaker notes query re slide 36 - clustering

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Created by: null on 29-09-2004 02:07:38 PM
Bullet point 3 talks about session replication and clustering environments.

Given system A and system B each have two Audium runtime environments 1 and 2. A1 is active, A2 is backup to B. B1 is active and B2 is backup to A.

What purpose does separate Audium environments server? Can't the same result be achieved with single Audium runtime environments on each machine, even though in a "failed over" situation, one Audium/JRE would take all the load?

Subject: RE: Install/admin speaker notes query re slide 36 - clustering
Replied by: null on 29-09-2004 07:15:12 PM
You know, this is a good question. The idea is that an application server would have to simultaneously act as both a primary AND a backup. The answer is that I don't know. I would think you could do this if the application server supported this setup.

The only thing that might be a problem would be with licensing, since you would have to have a license that could handle both the primary and backup ports. I'm not sure how we would price that since the original setup is easier to understand which ports are backup ports.

I really don't know if it would work, bu the only way to see is to test it out!

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