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integrate CISCO service in own application

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Created by: Michele Fontanella on 22-12-2010 09:03:24 AM
Hi all.
My name is Michele Fontanella and i work for the CISCO-OTBU.
I develop an application for Android 2.2 that is able to controll our product.
It receive the alarm information, the power status and give a picture of the functional
cooperation between the untis.
The user can assign to any single alarm, any single unit or to the Network element a caller that he has in its agenda and send him an Email or make a Phone call.
The final goal of the application, anyway, is tothe full integration with the CISCO services such as WebEx, Telepresence, that CIUS offer.
I downlad yesterday the SDKv1 and my aplication works perfectly as expected (since I had already tried on a Galaxy TAB ).
I subscaibed immediately to this Forum because I think it is a very useful tool.
I saw that there is an interesting samples section,too.
but i do not see (maybe i'm wrong) a place with sample or teach in hoe to integrate the CISCO services to our application, which is really important to me.
Is it in plan to add this?
Maybe a small example just to use as hook for development.
It will come with the SDKv2 ?

Subject: RE: integrate CISCO service in own application
Replied by: David Staudt on 10-01-2011 06:34:30 PM
One of the goals of the team is to provide samples showing integration of appropriate Cisco UC APIs into Cius/Android, but we haven't developed them yet.  Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community, stand by for more samples and how-tos to come.
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