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Integrating Codian MCU with CUCM 7

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Created by: Busy Rocker on 26-08-2011 03:46:19 PM
Hello guys,

Has anyone tried to integrate a Codian 4500 or 4200 series MCU with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7?

I followed the instructions provided on Cisco's website, but none of the methods worked. I have managed to register E20 terminals in CUCM and I am able to successfully make point to point video calls.

Below I have provided more details:

1- Registering the MCU as a SIP phone:
The MCU registers succuessfully but when a call is made, no audio or video connection is made and the call disconnects automatically after a few seconds. (This is true when the call is originated either from E20 or MCU)

2- Creating a SIP trunk and a route pattern in CUCM
When trying to make a call from E20, the calling page remains still and nothing happens.

3- Adding the MCU as an H.323 Gateway
The call can be made from either side; but only audio connection is made. No Video!

Can anyone help me with this please?
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