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Java Client for monitoring CUCC Components

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Created by: Ashish Mishra on 26-08-2009 11:50:03 AM
I am from NMTG and new to CUCC concepts. I want to develop an application for monitoring CUCC components and diagnosing its basic features.
I have a CUCC/E installation in demo lab. Can I utilize CTI OS API to develop a remote java client for Agent state control and third party call control of agent phones ?
Also If this API can monitor a route session to diagnose route script failures ?
Please provide me pointers on how to start with CTI java API if above scenarios are possible.
- Ashish
NMTG Cisco

Subject: RE: New Message from Ashish Mishra in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 26-08-2009 02:38:49 PM
CTIOS does not provide routing interface.  CTIOS is for agent state and
call control. 

When you install the CTIOS toolkit, there are a number of sample
applications.  Since you are planning to use the Java Cil (Client
Interface Library)  look at the JavaCil samples in C:\Program
Files\Cisco Systems\CTIOS Client\CTIOS Toolkit\Java CIL\samples .  I
suggest you review the first few chapters of the CTIOS Developers Guide
to understand the use of CTIOS.
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