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JavaCIL & Simulator

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Created by: Jorge Morales on 30-07-2013 04:01:26 PM
Hi all,
  I'm very new to CTIOS so I apologize for any novice questions I present here.  I've gone through the product documentation for the CTIOS and before I go full in depth with developing a custom appilcation for our company, I wanted to know if it was possible to create a test application that captures the information generated by the CTI Server Simulator provided with the CTIOS tool kit.   I kind of feel that in this manner, I could better understand some of the concepts and inner workings of CTIOS.  
There was mention in documentation that it simulates IPCC and our company uses UCCE.  Does this mean that it's not possible?  Also, if it is possible, do both verisons of CTIOS & CTI Server have to be the same? I was given CTIOS 8.5(4) but the CTI Server is 8.0.1 I believe.

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Replied by: Yves Boelen on 30-07-2013 04:03:10 PM
Dear Customer,I'm on vacation I'll be available on fri august 2 , in case of urgent issue please contact my manager Adel Malak or your service manager. mail: The CIN can be reached at the numbers listed in the following URL: Best Regards, Yves – network consultant engineer (contact center) +32 2 7045608

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Replied by: Dirk Slootmaekers on 30-07-2013 04:03:10 PM
Hello, I will be out of the office until 31/7, with no access to email, nor telephone.

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Replied by: David Lender on 31-07-2013 08:09:03 AM
CTI Server simulator which is shipped with UCCE (IPCC is just another name for UCCE) simulates the CTI Server.  You connect the CTIOS Server to it, and then your CTIOS client application connects to CTIOS Server.    Yes, the versions of CTIOS Server and CTI Server need to be the same.  You cannot connect a newer CTIOS 8.5(4) server to an older CTI Server 8.0(1).  (Note that the simulator is provided “as is” and there is really no substitute for testing with a real UCCE system)

I suggest you look at the Java Cill sample softphone (JavaPhone) as a good starting point.  If you  connect and then login you will see the event flow in the log window of the sample.

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: Jorge Morales on 31-07-2013 10:00:22 AM
Good morning Mr. Lender,
  Thank you for your prompt response.  I was incorrect in stating the CTI Server / CTIOS Servers.  They are both currently installed as 8.0(1).  I have patches for both that are 8.5(4) that have yet to be installed.  I actually just recently was taking a look through the sample softphone.  I also found some code that you provided in an earlier post:
I started with that, not to obtain the same results as yours, but to ensure that the connection to CTIOS Server & CTI Server where correct which from your output would be until eOnConnection event received.  I noticed that returncode = 1 is returned; indicating that the application is connecting to the CTIOS Server, but no event is received after that.  From other posts and documentation I've been led to believe this could be a connection issue between CTIOS Server & CTI Server which points to a potential configuration issue. I've attempted my own trouble shooting, checking host / port configurations for CTI OS Server, CTI Server.  I mainly based my configuration off of the CTIOS Server installation / configuration documentation I found on Cisco's site. I orignally used port 42028 from documentation but noticed that Simulator was connecting to port 42027, so I reconfigured to port 42027 but still not receiving OnConnection event.  I wont post the install / config docs link here but can provide it if need be.  I've included both output & slightly modified source code.  Any insight and help you could provide would be greately appreciated.  Thank you again in advance. And sorry, Im not sure why the jped is publishing on post when its as attachment

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 31-07-2013 12:06:03 PM
You should first try to run the out of box CTIOS Agent desktop in your simulator environement.  The desktop connects to CTIOS Server via port 42028 usually.  The CTIOS Server then connects to CTI Server (and the simulator) on port 42027.

While there is no support for the simulator, your issue may be the protocol version that CTIOS uses to connect to the simulator.  Try using protocol version 12.
The CTIOS Server registry key is similar to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Ctios\CTIOS_testa\CTIOS1\CtiDriver\Config\ProtocolVersion

This will vary based on the name of the CTIOS Server process you have installed.

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: Jorge Morales on 31-07-2013 01:12:56 PM
Thank you again for such a quick response..  I will run the Agent desktop in the simulator environment verifying the port configuration you mentioned above.  I'm assuming any operations done through the Agent desktop will be reflected in the simulator.  If I'm still having the issue, I'll verify the protocol version registered.  Hopefully that'll take care of it.  Per any further issues I'll repost.  Thank you again for your all your help Mr. Lender.  I really do appreciate it.

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: Jorge Morales on 02-08-2013 04:04:51 PM
Hi Mr. Lender,
   I went through the softphone sample.  This sample also has problems connecting.  It does however receive events which are comming back as followed:
 108/02/2013 16:19:22.679 CtiOsSession(10490677).OnCtiOsFailure, Server Connection
 2Status: CTI OS Server Offline
 308/02/2013 16:19:23.693 CtiOsSession(10490677).FailOverConnect, Client connecting
 4to , port [42027]
 508/02/2013 16:19:23.693 NetPort(10776760).Open, Waiting for Socket to connect...
 608/02/2013 16:19:24.724 NetPort(10776760).Open, Caught Exception: Connection
 7refused: connect
 808/02/2013 16:19:24.724 CilConnection(22310437).OpenConnection, FAILED to open link
 908/02/2013 16:19:24.724 CilConnection(22310437).OpenConnection, FAILED
1008/02/2013 16:19:24.724 CtiOsSession(10490677).NotifyConnectionIsLost, Adding
11system event eSysCTIOSServerOffline
1208/02/2013 16:19:24.724 CtiOsSession(10490677).OnCtiOsFailure, FAILURE CODE(10)
13ERROR MESSAGE: CTI OS Server Offline
14I'm assuming this is the same configuration error, so I would to verify with you
15the steps both you & documentation specify.
1.) Install CTIOS Server
     a.) CTI Server Info Prompt: CTIOS server connects to CTI Server on port 42027. 
          Implies;  sideA :<localhosta>, PortA:42027 SideB: <localhostb>, 42027
     b.) Connection Info prompt:  CTI OS instance listens on 42028
     c.) Follow subsequent prompts
2.)  Install CTIOS Client
     a.) Select features: select all forces CTIOS Server Info; SideA: <name>, 42028, SideB: <name>, 42028
          Select features: if only tools & javaCIL no prompt given.  Is all features needed?

If this is correct, why is the CTIOS Server offline?   In ICM Service Control, I can see ICM CTIOS CTIOS1 Running

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 05-08-2013 12:15:54 PM
You are trying to connect to wrong port.  Your client should connect to CTIOS Server on port 42028 by default.  This is what you list in your steps, ,but the log snippet shows trying to connect to port 42027 rather than 42028.

Subject: RE: New Message from Jorge Morales in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: Jorge Morales on 05-08-2013 04:02:10 PM
I'm sorry Mr. Lender  I posted the wrong snipet.  I actually get the same message trying the default 42028 port.  I was attempting both ports just in case.  I'll show it to the 42028 port snipet. 
 108/05/2013 16:51:25.713 Connecting to CTIOS Server...
 208/05/2013 16:51:25.756 NetPort(22772102).Open, Waiting for Socket to connect...
 308/05/2013 16:51:26.848 NetPort(22772102).Open, Caught Exception: Connection
 4refused: connect
 508/05/2013 16:51:26.854 CilConnection(11625173).OpenConnection, FAILED to open link
 608/05/2013 16:51:26.859 CilConnection(11625173).OpenConnection, FAILED
 708/05/2013 16:51:26.868 Connecting...
 808/05/2013 16:51:26.903 CtiOsSession(10490677).NotifyConnectionIsLost, Adding
 9system event eSysCTIOSServerOffline
1008/05/2013 16:51:26.908 CtiOsSession(10490677).OnCtiOsFailure, FAILURE CODE(10)
11ERROR MESSAGE: CTI OS Server Offline
1208/05/2013 16:51:26.912 CtiOsSession(10490677).OnCtiOsFailure, Server Connection
13Status: CTI OS Server Offline
1408/05/2013 16:51:26.917 CtiOsSession(10490677).FailOverConnect, Client connecting
15to , port [42028]
1608/05/2013 16:51:26.921 NetPort(31289430).Open, Waiting for Socket to connect...
1708/05/2013 16:51:27.937 NetPort(31289430).Open, Caught Exception: Connection
18refused: connect
1908/05/2013 16:51:27.943 CilConnection(30971263).OpenConnection, FAILED to open link
2008/05/2013 16:51:27.948 CilConnection(30971263).OpenConnection, FAILED
2108/05/2013 16:51:27.961 CtiOsSession(10490677).NotifyConnectionIsLost, Adding
22system event eSysCTIOSServerOffline
2308/05/2013 16:51:27.966 CtiOsSession(10490677).OnCtiOsFailure, FAILURE CODE(10)
24ERROR MESSAGE: CTI OS Server Offline
It's confusing to me that if the connection parameters are correct, the CTIOS Server shouldn't be offline.  I'll just wait for our network team to set up the full UCCE lab environment. I get a couple of weird messages, I'm not certain they're causing the problem but I'll post them on the off chance they are.  At the very least, you've resassured me that the setup parameters are correct.  I do want to thank you for all your help. 
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