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List of error ids and error messages

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Created by: Cristian Gomes on 31-10-2012 11:19:01 AM
Hello There,
I'm looking for a list of all call error ids and the associated error messages. Can anybody help me?
Example: If i call to a party that is busy, i receive e CallFailedEvent with the ErrorMessage= "The party you are calling is busy. Hang up and try again later". The problem is that my software is in Portuguese (Brazil) and those messages are in English. How can i translate them without comparing strings?

Subject: RE: New Message from Cristian Gomes in Computer Telephony Integration Objec
Replied by: David Lender on 31-10-2012 12:50:58 PM
For CTIOS onCallFailed event  you should get a CallStatus of  LCS_FAILED (6).   Call status codes are found in the table 6-8 of the  CTI Server Protocol Guide (not CTIOS) Chapter 6 Constants and Status Codes.  The CTI Server Protocol Guide is here

The CTIOS Developer Guide does not show any error message coming with the onCallFailed event, but if it is,  I am not aware of any way to translate CTIOS Server messages.  Perhaps post a CTIOS Server log snippet showing the onCallFailed event and its arguments.

For CTI Server, the CALL_FAILED_EVENT eventcause is shown in the CTI Server Protocol Guide Chapter 5 which refers to table 6-9 for possible event causes.
Unfortunately, you can’t get these eventcauses in CTIOS, only the callstatus as stated above.
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