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multiple resource message handling

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Created by: Jeff Brown on 26-04-2010 03:51:43 PM
We now create a random string for every client's resource name. This allows us to connect the same client from different browsers. What is the expected behavior for receiving messages? I have noticed that the last resource to send the message will receive the next set of messages. Is this the expected behavior? Is there any way to make sure all connected resources receive the message?

Subject: RE: multiple resource message handling
Replied by: Matt Miller on 27-04-2010 10:00:49 PM
Messages sent to the bare JID (such as the initial chat in a chat session) are sent to the most available resource; XMPP servers look at
* the priority (which defaults to 0)
* the "show" state (which defaults to none or "")
* the time the resource last logged in (the newer the connection, the higher in the list)
You can influence where messages are sent by changing the priority and/or "show" state; to raise a client's reachability, create a new jabberwerx.Presence, setting the priority to something greater than 0 or the show state to "chat", and send it via jabberwerx.Client.sendStanza.
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