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Preview OutboundEvents and arguments

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Created by: UMUT ARSLAN on 07-07-2009 06:39:07 AM

I am developing a softphone client application in icm 7.5.5 and ctios 7.5.4.
i wonder where i can learn some outbound events order. I want to know ctios events coming to ctios client during a preview outbound call. 
i have two cases: One of them is getting call by pressing answer button and the second one is getting call automatically by autoacceptfeature which is a new registry parameter coming with icm 7.5.5. I set 15 sec to this parameter. when a new preview outbound call comes, if the agent does not accept the call, after 15 sec, call is accepted automatically.
So how can i understand these two cases.

OnCallEstablished event is coming two times in a preview call. Is it true to understand that the customer answer the call by catching OnCallEstablished without null values. Because when OnCallEstablished event comes firstly, there is not any BAresponse value for example. 
When call is accepted by pressing accept button, BAresponse value is ACCEPT but when call is accepted automatically by autoacceptfeature,  BAresponse value is CPA_VOICE. So can i understand the situation by controlling these values in OnCallEstablished event. Or can these values change in other sutiations. Is there any other value that i can control ?

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