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Problem on routing of calls on restart of VXML server by CSS

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Created by: Mert Guray on 13-12-2009 03:05:21 PM
We have 2 VXML servers runnig on Websphere and CVP 4.1.
To load balance them we CSS. It is working fine during the normal process.
We restart the server without  dropping the active calls by changing the index.jsp file to any name. This lets the CSS to understand that the server is down. And after this no calls are routed to this server. All calls go to the other one. There is no problem on routing for the new coming calls.
However, the calls that are already on the shutting down server starts to get eorror. I am suspecting that the router is trying to send both the active and the new coming calls the other server. This is only a guess. If the start of the call is one server and the rest is on the other it makes sense to me to get error. Is there anyone who has an experince like that.
Any idea is appricated.
Thanks in advance
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