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query about "maintainer" and types of errors to generate email

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Created by: null on 28-09-2004 07:46:09 AM
what are the likely, and possible, scenarios for which email will be sent to "maintainer"? Presumably they are exclusive to the Voice Browser and not Audium in any way.

Thanks in advance.

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Subject: RE: query about "maintainer" and types of errors to generate email
Replied by: null on 28-09-2004 10:09:38 PM
Because Audium produces syntactically correct VoiceXML and the elements themselves will throw errors if they are set up in such a way that would cause bad VoiceXML to be produced, there are few situations where the browser would e-mail the maintainer due to something they did wrong in Audium.

The one example of I'd say 90% of the e-mails you would get would be a warning message if you referred to an audio file that did not exist. If you provided a TTS backup, the call would have no problems and encounter no errors, but the browser may choose to e-mail you the warning so you don't have people hearing TTS.

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