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Shared Address Calling Itself Scenario Bug

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Created by: Tom Baker on 17-05-2010 02:44:19 PM
I have been working on adapting a third party call control driver which we write add support for shared lines.
I have found a problem with the scenario in the Cisco Unified JTAPI Developers Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Release 7.0(1),  Message Sequence Charts -> Shared Line Calling Itself.
In this scenario the events for CallStateOffered/CallStateAccepted show that there should be two events to indicate which terminal is ringing:
12/1 TermConnRingingEv for SEP003094C2A0B0
12/1 CallCtTermConnRingingEvlmp for SEP003094C2A0B0
I have been making test calls using our own call control driver and also the CUCM JTAPI TestTool which I downloaded today.   As far as I can tell the second event listed above (CallCtlTermConnRingingEv)  is not sent by the call manager.  Or at least not received by the jtapi implementation.   Is this a bug?  Or have I made a mistake somewhere?  Can anyone confirm that in this scenario they have seen the CallCtlConnRingingEv? I receive the other events in the scenario in the correct order.
I also have noted that there is a spelling mistake in the documentation so I assume that 'CallCtTermConnRingingEvImp'  is actually meant to mean 'CallCtlTermConnRingingEv'.
Thanks for helping.
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