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Third party implementation

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Created by: Thomas Leuzinger on 07-04-2010 03:06:17 PM
Hi there,
we have to connect our Police dispatch center solution to a CISCO Unified Communications Manager voice solution. The point of connection between the two systems is a gateway process (this software to be developed - C++ unmanaged) which feeds our server with information about telephone activities as well as may be used to execute phone activities like making outbound calls or hooking off (seizing inbound calls).
The connection to the voice system remains at one single point (the gateway) and we are using equipment as it is available at customer site (existing telephone sets / IP phones).
So far we are not really familiar with TAPI since our current gateway uses a proprietary PBX integration/connection. So far, we identified the need of a 3rd party implementation according to the above mentioned architecture.
All the sample codes we have found so far belongs to first party applications and do not show the relation between lines and phones. But in our requirements we have to monitor a number of lines (inbound), reading calling numbers before seized, monitoring if, and when, where (which telephone set) they are seized (or seize the call and redirect it to a certain telephone set if the dispatcher rather uses the seize function at the dispatch application) an so on.
Is there somewhere a simple sample C code available which shows this game with a couple of lines and a group of telephones?
We are very grateful for any starting help to bring us onto the right track
Thanks in advance
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