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Touch 8 - Request for Improvements

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Created by: Marc Cooper on 03-11-2011 11:11:02 PM
While the Touch 8 GUI interface panel is a good idea, it is presenting me with a number is issues that I would like to list here for consideration:

1. There NEEDS to be a confirmation pop up for call termination ("are you sure you want to end this call?").

2. DO NOT DISTURB feature needs to only last for 1 hr at a time.  Too many users are leaving the codec in DND.

3. Panel needs to be remotely accessible.  Please put a VNC client on the panel so that we can remotely access the panel to assist end users.

4. Increase the size of the buttons, especially the DND & Self VIew

5. Provide some user programmable buttons that could be used with AMX or Crestron controller to talk with external devices OR

6. Provide the GUI for integration into AMX or Crestron (even at a per system license fee).

Any chance of any of these ideas being in consideration?

Subject: RE: Touch 8 - Request for Improvements
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 04-11-2011 01:27:18 PM

you have some great suggestions here, I will forward the touch panel suggestions (1,3,4) to the UI team!

Having a timeout on DnD sounds like a great idea! Noted and sent to product management for consideration.

Regarding 5:
What kind of devices do you see that you would want to control? Lights? Drapes? Document Cameras ...?

Regarding 6:
Neither AMX nor Crestron have a model for being able to include locked down UI pages in their software. If we are to release parts of our UI design we don´t want anyone to change the behavior and interaction principles that we have designed. Unfortunately this is not possible. If we release an AMX/Crestron UI all parts of the UI are moveable/removable/replaceable.
If AMX/Crestron had a model where we could provide a fixed UI that could be extended by integrators needing to add support for more devices then things would be easier.

Feedback like this is always very welcome!


Subject: RE: Touch 8 - Request for Improvements
Replied by: Marc Cooper on 04-11-2011 06:29:06 PM
Hi David,

Thanks for you reply and interest.  I have lots of ideas that I would be happy to share :-).  

I am so glad you like the timeout on DND idea, it would be very helpful to us.  Unfortunately, people use the DND function in a common conference room and then forget to turn if off before they leave.  When the next scheduled video meeting occurs, the video call from the Codian is rejected.  Putting a time limit on DND with a pop up on the Touch 8 asking if the user would like to extend would be great.

Regarding 5:
I would be interested in being able to control many devices,  but lights, screens, shades would be a good start.  I was thinking that  if there were a few buttons that could each send out a predefined string over the serial port, e.g., "norway 1" "norway 2"....  Then the AMX could be programmed to perform certain tasks based on the button push.  This might also be donw via the GPIO port, but that is not available on the C40.

Regarding 6:
Thanks for sharing your concerns on releasing the GUI.  It gives me a better idea of what you are trying to protect.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read, consider, and reply to my suggestions.

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